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About our company

Pro Elite Plumbing & Heating is a family run business owned and operated in Stormville NY. Originally established in November 2012 by Ray Heikkila, Pro Elite set its sights on providing the most honest and reliable service possible and primarily remained in Dutchess County.

Ray initially started working in the home improvement industry at 16 years of age while being employed as an assistant by a general contractor based in Dutchess County. By the age of 20, he began his employment in his first full-service plumbing company as an apprentice and knew exactly what career path he would be choosing.

Starting in 2007, Ray was involved in the construction of a Starbucks, Mr. Smoothie, New York Sports Club, and an upscale condominium complex consisting of over twenty units. Later in his second year, he was placed on a high-end renovation in Millbrook at the former Carnegie estate. Upon completion of the work at the estate, Ray was then placed in charge at another Condominium complex located in Hyde Park to complete ten separate high efficiency boiler installations. Ray continued to work throughout Dutchess, but began to expand into Putnam and Westchester counties, as well as Manhattan, Greenwich and Ridgefield CT.

By 2010, Ray began to explore his options and work with other plumbing and heating contractors to expand his horizons and finally landed at a small shop based in Bedford Hills NY. Ray continued to grow in his experiences while becoming a licensed journeyman plumber and continued to fine tune his abilities while having the opportunity to work in some of the most elite multimillion dollar homes based in Westchester County. In 2016, Ray set his goals on completing the requirements and testing to become a licensed master plumber.

Finally, in November 2017 after earning his additional credentials, Ray set forth to fully expand his original business throughout Dutchess, Putnam, and Westchester Counties. Currently, Ray has accumulated over 38,000 hours in the business through hands on work and educational courses. In 2019 and during our second full year of operation, Pro Elite was honored to be voted as the “Best HVAC Contractor” by Hudson Valley Magazine.

Pro Elite Plumbing & Heating continues to strive to provide the highest quality of service while keeping the customer educated and comfortable. Our company has been built from the ground up and relies on its reputation from our loyal customers to continue to grow. Whether you live in an apartment, a condominium, a raised ranch, or even a mansion, we’ll always provide the same level of care and service. Give us a call today and see why they call us Pro Elite!

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